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Injection Molding Management

Timely effective feedback, perfect and professional management systems.

Injection Molding Project Management

First Phase

Kick-starting the Order

  1. Our marketing specialist commences the process by transmitting the customer’s details to the project department lead. This ensures that all relevant customer information is at the disposal of the project’s decision-makers.

  2. The project engineer then steps in to gather and organize the customer’s data, forwarding it to the engineering department. This data forms the basis for the design blueprint.

  3. Upon receipt of the project data, the engineering department swings into action, meticulously crafting the mold as per the customer’s specific requirements.

  4. Once the engineering department completes their report, they promptly relay it to the project department. The project engineer then sends it to the customer for their confirmation.

This systemized approach to order entry ensures that we maintain a streamlined and efficient workflow. It highlights our commitment to excellent project management in injection molding and strengthens our reputation as a dependable manufacturer.

Second Phase

Precision in Injection Mold Design and Manufacturing

  1. The project department promptly communicates customer feedback to the engineering department. Relevant departments then convene a meeting to strategize on the new mold, closely monitoring the entire mold-making process.

  2. After the engineering department finalizes the mold design, they share the comprehensive 2D and 3D renditions with the customer for approval. This includes Design for Manufacturability (DFM) reviews. Upon final confirmation from the customer, the manufacturing process commences.

  3. Our purchasing department takes the lead in procuring all necessary components and parts, notifying the project engineer and the Inward Quality Control (IQC) team once done.

  4. Upon arrival at the factory, the IQC inspects all components and parts, ensuring only qualified elements proceed to mold production.

  5. The production engineer completes each component, distributing them to the relevant personnel in charge of each manufacturing step. The mold production management oversees the process to maintain realistic progression.

  6. Every processing department is mandated to follow the technological standards and process according to the quality and volume. They then report to the In-Process Quality Control (IPQC) for examination, ensuring the quality of component processing.

  7. The IPQC finalizes the examination of each component.

This diligent approach to mold design and manufacturing ensures that each injection mold we produce meets our stringent quality standards, thus reinforcing HITOP’s status as a top-tier injection molding manufacturer.

Third Phase

Ensuring Excellence in Injection Mold Optimization and After-sales Support

  1. The mold fitter is tasked with packaging and fitting the mold, ensuring strict adherence to design drawing requirements for the assembly completion.

  2. Billing occurs a day before the mold completion. Upon qualifying the assembly, the mold fitter notifies the injection molding department for mold trials.

  3. After material preparation, the injection molding department commences the mold trials, recording the results in a detailed form.

  4. Post-trial, the project team submits sample drawings to the Quality Control (QC) for testing. They also organize new mold review meetings with relevant departments, outlining the necessary mold modifications.

  5. After mold modifications, QC tests the modifications’ practical application. The mold then undergoes another round of trials upon passing the test.

  6. Upon multiple qualifications of mold modifications, the project team notifies the customers about the mold’s readiness for transfer.

  7. The mold undergoes a final QC examination before it’s handed over to the project department, ready for delivery.

  8. The project team then organizes all mold-related information, seals the mold as per customer requirements, and schedules the delivery.

This comprehensive process of optimization and after-sales ensures the delivery of high-quality, precision-engineered injection molds. At HITOP, we pride ourselves on the exceptional after-sales support we provide, further cementing our position as a leading injection molding manufacturer in China.

Injection Molding Quality Management

Quality management is at the heart of HITOP Industrial Co., Ltd’s operations. Based in Dongguan City, we have established a robust quality assurance system that aligns with the ISO9001: 2008 international standards.

Our dedicated quality management agency reinforces our commitment to excellence, incorporating vital aspects such as our organizational structure and the flowcharts for our quality management and quality assurance systems.

By strictly adhering to these comprehensive procedures, we ensure that each injection mold we manufacture meets the highest industry standards. Our rigorous approach to quality management underpins our reputation as a trusted injection molding manufacturer, providing our customers with top-tier products they can rely on.

Quality Control Organization Chart

Management of Quality for Flow Diagram System

Guarantee of Quality for Flow Diagram System

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