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Die Casting

HITOP’s die casting capabilities are robust, fueled by the state-of-the-art die-casting machines, ranging from 160T to 850T. Providing customers with premium die-casting products of zinc alloy and aluminum alloy, we stand as a trusted name in die casting molding.

Excellence in Precision

Custom Die Casting Services

Precision is a benchmark of our die casting service, aimed at delivering customized metal parts and products swiftly. At HITOP, we believe in catering to your unique needs and meeting your expectations with precision, hence our commitment to fast turnaround times. Request a quote today and kick-start your die casting molding journey with us.

Stringent Processes

Ensuring Quality in Die Casting Molding

In our pursuit to consistently deliver robust and durable parts and prototypes, HITOP’s die casting mold services have stringent quality checks in place. We maintain a high standard, thanks to our skilled engineering team and cutting-edge equipment. Our rigorous die casting process guarantees your custom requirements are met, including both hot chamber and cold chamber die casting capabilities.

Efficiency and Complexity

Hot Chamber Die Casting

HITOP offers hot chamber die casting, also known as gooseneck casting, which is a remarkably swift process with a typical casting cycle of only 15 to 20 minutes. This quick turnaround allows for high-volume manufacturing of complex parts, catering especially to zinc alloy, lean alloys, copper, and other alloys with a low melting point.

High-Temperature Tolerance

Cold Chamber Die Casting

For alloys with high melting points, such as aluminum, magnesium, some copper, and ferrous alloys, HITOP employs the cold chamber die casting process. This crucial procedure not only reduces heat but also addresses corrosion issues in the machine’s plunder and related components, ensuring durable die casting molds.

Expertise in Prototyping and Market Testing

Die Casting Services

At HITOP, we understand the importance of prototyping and market testing in die casting molding. Our cost-effective and efficient methods for creating high-quality prototypes help validate various designs and materials. Furthermore, we assist in creating die casting products perfect for market and consumer testing, facilitating quick design changes for further testing and market launch.

Versatility and Innovation

HITOP's Role in Die Casting Industries

Die casting is a versatile manufacturing technique, and it plays a critical role in creating and producing many modern products. From aerospace structural parts to electrical enclosures, HITOP has provided innovative manufacturing solutions for different industrial applications. Our commitment to delivering high-quality parts at competitive pricing has positioned us as a valuable partner for customers in various industries.


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