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Mold Making

HITOP boasts an exceptional technical and management team, equipped with advanced processing machinery. Our commitment is to mold making excellence, crafting the highest quality molds that meet our customers’ exacting standards. This unwavering dedication sets us apart in the competitive injection molding industry.

Mastery in Precision

Mold Making Capabilities

HITOP excels in producing small and high-precision molds. Our facilities are fitted with high-speed CNC machinery, mirror spark machines, wire cutting tools, and an assortment of precision machining equipment. This arsenal of technology enables us to achieve CNC machining accuracy within a 0.01MM margin. To ensure precision, we employ both 2.5-dimensional and 3-dimensional measurement instruments throughout our mold making process.

Crafting Giants

Large Mold Making Prowess

HITOP possesses the capabilities to craft large molds, a cornerstone of our injection molding services. Our setup includes larger gantry CNC machinery, double-headed spark machines, mold closing devices, and large-scale three-dimensional inspection equipment. We can handle molds up to 2500MM*3000M in size and 40 tons in weight. Furthermore, our largest mold injection machine has a capacity of 3500 tons.

Quality Assurance

Rigorous Inspection Standards in Mold Making

During the mold manufacturing process, HITOP adheres to stringent processing inspection standards. Each stage of our mold making procedure strictly follows these benchmarks. Starting with technical workers performing self-inspections, followed by QC inspections of the molds, we guarantee the quality of our molds throughout the entire manufacturing process, ensuring customer satisfaction consistently.

Excellence in Execution

Effective Management and Workflow

HITOP prides itself on its superior management team and mature systems. With the integration of efficient processing technology, we ensure our entire production process runs smoothly and effectively. To further optimize our mold making efficiency, we operate three shifts around the clock, seven days a week, ensuring timely delivery of molds.

Specialization in Diversity

Injection Molding Expertise

HITOP prioritizes injection molding, offering a wealth of experience across various mold types. In addition to conventional molds, our expertise extends to two-color molds, plastic molds, low-pressure injection molding, and gas-assisted molding. Our vast knowledge and proficiency in these areas further solidify our position in the injection molding market.

Proficiency in Metal Casting Mold Making

Permanent Mold Preservation

HITOP’s capabilities extend to crafting a wide range of metal casting molds, including aluminum alloy, zinc alloy, and magnesium alloy. Our ability to work with various metal types demonstrates our versatility and broadens our scope in the mold making and injection molding industries.

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